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Hi! I'm Kelly. My friend Joanne built the Desert Dawg and now it's my turn to build a tear. I was introduced to the teardrop world during the Inaugural Redwood Gathering in northern California. I was intrigued by all these home built units. As I walked around looking at them I fell in love with the idea of building one for myself. I have a lot of wood working experience so I thought 'no problem'. As I watched Joanne build Desert Dawg I started coming up with the plans for mine in my head. I hope you join me as I build Serenity.

OK maybe I don't have this much experience but I thiiiiiink I can still build a nice one. What can you say? It's a rolling masterpiece.

I was overtaken by the sheer beauty of the redwoods. For those who have not had the chance to visit them, photos do not do them justice.

This trunk was almost the size of my garage.

I was so excited on Desert Dawg's maiden trip into Utah where we met up with Steve from San Diego.

It was a great trip! I enjoyed meeting lots of good people.