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September 7, 2007

Like every masterpiece you have to start with some raw materiel

No this is not a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Like I said, I have lots of wood working experience but this does not look like wood to me. I am lucky that Joanne is around to show me how to cut and weld steel.

Me welding one of the corners.

On one of the trips with Joanne's trailer her leveling jacks were not quite long enough so I went with the next longer length of 36 inches.

Finally a picture that is not of me. Smile!

The jacks that I chose to use are BAL jacks that I got at the local RV part store.

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a love-hate for engineers, but I seem to always over-engineer everything I build.

More welding...

Here is Greg and I cutting more steel. Notice the OSHA approved footwear I was wearing. And yes those are hot sparks! And yes they hurt when they land on my feet!

Cutting the steel to mount the torsion axles I chose to use.

Joanne welding in the steel mounts for the axles.

Finally something I can weld. Not too bad for one of my first welds.

Trying out the jacks. Good thing they reach the ground. ;-)

Finally a rolling chassis the lights work!

Time for a short trip around the block. Hope there are no cops in the area! No license plate yet...

I could not think of where to mount the spare tire, so I used 1/4" plate to mount the spare tire hoist that I got off an 1996 Ford Explorer.

The bracket is welded in place and ready to mount the hoist.

Here is the hoist ready for the tire.

And finally here is the tire up and in place. This is at the back under the galley. I wonder if Joanne noticed one of her tires is missing?

I was going to have the trailer powder coated but it was too expensive so I used three coats of Rust-oleum hammered paint in black.

Time to rewire the trailer lights.

The torsion axle looks great.

I could not find rubber grommets that would work with the thickness of the metal I used so I decided to use 1/2" vinyl tubing.

Gee, I hope that six bolts will hold this axle on.

This picture shows the tabs on the inside of the frame rail that will be used to hold down the floor and sides.