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I occasionally see interesting motorhomes, campers and trailers. Here are some that I had the opportunity to get pictures of.

This hi-dollar unit was parked just outside of Las Vegas. I looks like a cross between a tour bus and a diesel truck. Wow!

This RV was parked at Badwater in Death Valley. It was driven by a family on an around the world trip. This picture doesn't do justice to its huge size, but compare it to the cars around it.

Here's a cool tear! It has that "space age" look straight out of the '50s. It looks like something that George Jetson would have if he drove a car instead of a space ship. I don't know much about about them except they were made from fiberglass.

This trailer looks like it should be towed by a neat old woody wagon. I really love the shape! Not quite a teardrop and not quite a "standie". Amazing craftsmanship.