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Teardrop Sites Worth Visiting
Tom is building a very nice trailer from the Cubby plans. Good photography along with insightful narrative make this an enjoyable site.
After building some beautiful kayaks, Steve used some of those same techniques on the exterior of this trailer. Stunning!
This trailer has some of the nicest detail work that I've seen. Take a look and see if you agree.
You wouldn't believe how this trailer started out. Gage saw a beautiful teardrop where others saw just an old travel trailer.
Sage has built one of the most unique and well known teardrop trailers ever! It has a top that cranks up and the galley on the inside! His current project is a lakester to run on the Bonneville salt flats. I wonder if he'll get the record for the fastest teardrop on the salt?!?
Larry and Diane's web site is one of the earliest sites on the web to document the construction of a teardrop trailer. It's a "must visit" site if you are thinking about building a tear.
Although this link isn't a single builder's web site, it is list of pictures and links to over 130 web sites featuring teardrops and other small trailers. Don't miss this amazing collection!

Discussion Forums
This is the premiere teardrop discussion forum on the web. If you are thinking of building one or are just interested in these cute little trailers, this is the place to be. I have to warn you though, it won't be long before you are ordering parts for your own trailer!
Teardrop & Tiny Travel Trailers

Tear Drop Plans & Parts
This is an amazing set of FREE plans by Mike Schneider. These plans will take you through the process of building your own teardrop trailer. Don't let the price fool you, these are great plans! Thanks Mike for making these plans available to all of us.
These plans have been the basis for more trailers on the road today than any other set of plans available. (See Tom's trailer at the top of the page) If you know which end of a hammer to hold, these plans will help you build a quality teardrop. I have personally purchased these plans and have recommended them to my friends.
Steve now sells a shop manual that describes all of his outstanding building techniques.
Grant can provide you with just about anything you need for your trailer. He even has profile tracing service if you want the exact outline of a classic tear shape. He's real member of the teardrop community, not just a faceless company out to make a buck.
Li'l Bear 
The Teardrop Fix-It shop has it all. Whether you are restoring an old tear, building your own design, or want to assemble one of their teardrop kits, they have the parts.
Teardrop Fix-It-Shop